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Oct. 12th, 2009




This Place is re opening as soon as I get the past ERASED...Maybe ...

Jan. 21st, 2008

Headmaster Abel Nightroad


[Head Master Post]

Ah! Hello, hello students! I am Headmaster Abel Nightroad of this beautiful academy. I'd like to welcome both young and old students for another year here at Dusk Academy. I would also like to apologize for the room switches. It seems a strange creature managed to get into my office and destroy the previous ones so I had to create new ones. I do hope everyone is comfortable where they're at not.

Students should be reminded that curfew on school nights is at 10:00 PM sharp and on weekends it is 12:00 AM sharp. Any students caught after curfew in the halls will be given detention. And yes I have ways of knowing whether you're out and about.

I'd like to also point out that students should be sleeping in their proper rooms instead of others. While I personally don't mind it, my assistant has pointed out that it is better to get a full nights sleep without having to worry about anyone else. At least on school nights, weekends I don't mind at all.

As a final note I'd like to point at that the two students who broke the window in the Library Study and left that mess should know that you have detention. I will be contacting you two soon on exactly how long the sentence is. Oh, yes, I do know who exactly both of you are.

Please everyone have a wonderful first day here at Dusk Academy. May all your classes go well.

- Headmaster

Jan. 18th, 2008



:: Applications ::

ApplicationCollapse )

Jan. 14th, 2008



:: Status Page ::

Status Page

Please note here of any hiatuses you may be on. If possible note the amount of time as well, that way we have an idea how long you’re gone. A reason would be good too.

Also this page will be used to list people who have warnings. Basically if you miss an Activity Check you may be placed upon this list. You are given one warning. If you miss two ACs than you are automatically kicked from the roleplay.

Amarant- ???


Jan. 12th, 2008



:: Reserve/Taken Simplified ::

Taken and Reserved Characters

This is a simplified page with a list of all Taken and Reserved characters and their Fandoms. Please post here if you wish to place a reserve at any time.

You are given one week to get your reserve in.

You may request a character from another fandom if you wish as well. They will be at the bottom.

Max 2 Reserves per person.





Jan. 11th, 2008


[ Mod Post ]

Okay, hello minna~ This is your mod post for the main comm! I'm Roxas-mun and Yazoo-mun, plus your mod. So don't be amazed if you find me posting under any of the accounts. My regular SN is also shinistrife so I may reply to some comments with that.

Welcome to all new and old members~ By old I think you know who you are. The community is still under works a bit, but it's almost done and should be ready by Saturday. I'd like to point out that Jan. 27th will begin the first Activity Check. If you do not know what that is please check the Q/A page for answers.

For all members though please be sure you have done the following:
1. Joined dusk_academy, dusk_academy_xd, and dusk_academy_x3.
2. Please be sure to go here to add everyone to your journal.
3. Than be sure to stop by here to post your contact list. If you need a list of classes click here.

For information such as your roommates and which level of your house you're on check out the Room Assignement Page.

For information on Dusk Village, Terra, or Gaia please check out the World Info. Page.

For information about the school and where a lot of classes are located and the like check out the School Info. page.

Both World and School info. are stll in process, but the basics are up. A map for both Dusk Academy and Dusk Vllage will be placed soon, as well as an example of the uniform system. A note I'd like to make is that on Terra it is currently Winter and on Gaia it is summer. Since DA is on Terra it is middle of winter.

If you have any further questions please check here first. If you still have questions just reply there or on the OOC board and I'll try to answer you as soon as possible. If it's something needing private discussion be sure to poke me on MSN at Heather_Tsouki@hotmail.com, AIM at KuroNightmare, or Yahoo at ShiniStrife. You can also send me a LJ message to any of my accounts as well.

The School RPG begins Saturday. First years begin classes on Wednesday (mainly a few to help them around the school and the like, nothing of their class list) and finally all class starts for everyone on the Monday after next.


Jan. 6th, 2008



:: Question and Answers ::

Questions and Answers

How are the years set up?
Year One is comprised of 17 and 18 year olds.
Year Two is comprised of 19 and 20 year olds.
Year Three is comprised of 21 year olds.
Year Four is comprised of 22 year olds.

People in Year two actually have to complete two years before they can go into Year three. This is because most people are at least 18 when in Year 1 so it can explain why 19 and 20 year olds are in Year 2. Thus actually They're on their third year of schooling at 20, but they're still considered 'Second Years'.

How many classes does my character have to take at minimum?
First Years = 7
Second Years = 6
Third Years = 5
Fourth Years = 4

What is up with the Houses thing?
The Houses part is basically a way to sort the kidlets by how their attitudes and personalities are. It's a way to add a little flavour to the roleplay and a bit of a trick when it comes to outter hosue realtionships.

What do the Houses represent?
Shiva - Mind
Fenrir - Soul
Phoenix - Heart
Bahamut - Body

Do the students carry weapons during the day?
Yes they can carry weapons as many of them have classes that require said weapons. They are allowed to spar with said weapons as well. Any student, however, that uses their weapon for anything other than sparring purposes may be suspended/expelled.

How many pets can we have?
You may have two pets at maximum, though keep in mind they have to be small pets. Birds, cats, small dogs, and even small baby chocobos are allowed. Large dogs, full grown chocobos, regular sized Nobodies and Heartless, and other regular sized creatures are not allowed.

Can I make edits to my Character's bio?
Yes you can. The Profiles are simply there right now for your guidance. When applying you may edit them and anytime during your time as a roleplayer you may just poke to update them if you want. Though profiles that mention relationships (ie: Ven and Roxas as twins and Cloud the older brother) should remain the same. They're noted for a reason.

Can I apply for a character not listed?
As long as the character is male, not listed, and falls into one of the fandoms than sure! Characters like Hayner, Pence, and Nida aren't listed but can be applied for. So are others. I simply just listed so many for now.

What about Original Characters?
Original characters may be applied for. All you do is choose a fandom and fill out an application for them based upon what your character is and what not. Of course OC's will be harshly looked over. We won't allow and Gary-Sue's or what not in the RP.

Why is my character in this year/age group?
Chances are that's how I want it. Some characters are aged for different reasons and the same to the years. They are placed according to how I thought they best be placed. If you wish for your character to be older, in a different house, etc. please just contact a mod with your reason and we might be able to change it.

Should I create the journal now or after I get accepted into the RP?
Please create roleplay journals AFTER you've been accepted.

I asked for membership to the communities with my personal LJ account, why am I being declined?
You are being declined simply because only character journals are allowed to be members (besides the Mod's regular LJ). This is to keep things sorted out so people can have an idea of who recently joined,etc. You may friend or watch any of the journals, but elsewise all memberships will be declined unless it's the journal you replied to your acceptance with.

What's the deal about magic?
Throughout Final Fantasy there has been different forms of magic: Materia, Summons, etc. Thus at Dusk Academy there are different classes on these things including classes on Alchemy, Ninjutsu, etc. Students may use magic when ever, but it's nothing like Harry Potter magic. It's all the simply magic you'd normally use in that fandom.

What's with all the characters being guys?
This is an all boys academy. So the basic purpose of this roleplay is for yaoi, shounen-ai, and/or boy's love fans. If you do not like homosexual themes please do not apply here.

I just came back to find my character up for grabs, what's the deal?
There are many reasons why your character may be up for grabs again. Things such as not being active with no notice of a hiatus, not replying to the Activity Check, and just simply breaking any rules can get you booted. You should always get at least a warning email before being booted, but you have only so long to reply before you're kicked out.

What is an Activity Check?
It is a monthly event posted in the main community where you have a week to comment before it ends. If you do not make the AC than you will be given a warning message to reply to. If you don't reply to that message you are eventually kicked from the RP.

My character is either a vampire, shinigami, nobody, etc. How does that fit in Dusk academy?
Well vampires and demons are allowed.

Nobodies are monsters that if normal can still be controlled by their respective owners, but Organization wise all Orgy members are in fact human and technically have hearts.

Shinigamis are basically people that are able to see spirits and seperate from their bodies to fight against other spirits.

What is ShinRa's part at DA?
Shinra is a large company that specializes in machinary, weaponry, and electronics. They are the reason for the trains, the subs, and even the transporation devices between Terra and Gaia. Rufus is still the Vice President, etc. Turks still work for them.

ShinRa also holds military power. Those who are part of the Final Fantasy verses can still be slightly canon hear and say they joined SOLIDER, TURK, or just regular ShinRa Military. Mmkay? All characters who do though are on leave of absence for school and simply have to the occional meeting here and there.

What is a Role Play Event?
Events can be one of two things. They can be posts by the mod that are like a drabble. These are basically mod events where the mod can do anything from mention a storm that'll cancel school for the day or destroy half the school. Only Mods have control on this.

The other type is a role play log. This event normally concerns all people in the community that are roleplaying. It is set up for 3-5 days and is normally LJ format. It's basically an uber group roleplay where instead of one simple thread you have many.


:: Classes ::

Class List

• Algebra (3 Day)
• Geometry (3 Day)
• Algebra II (3 Day)
• Trigonometry (3 Day)
• Calculus (3 Day)
• Calculus II (3 Day)
• Calculus III (3 Day)
• Advance Calculus (3 Day)
• History of Terra (2 Day)
• History of Gaia (2 Day)
• History of Music (3 Day)
• World History (Study of both worlds) (3 Day)
• Magical History (3 Day)
• Political History (3 Day)
• Writing I (2 Day)
• Writing II (2 Day)
• Writing III (2 Day)
• Reading Workshop I (3 Day)
• Reading Workshop II (3 Day)
• Reading Workshop III (3 Day)
• Astronomy (1 Day)
• Earth Science (3 Day)
• Life Science (3 Day)
• Bio Science (2 Day)
• Physics (2 Day)
• Basic Elemental Classes (2 Day)
• Elemental - [Insert Element] Class (2 Day for 2 elementals; 4 Day for 1 elemental)
• Materia Class (3 Day)
• Summoning Class (2 Day)
• Basic Shinobi Class (3 Day)
• Alchemy Class (4 Day)
• Taijutsu Class (3 Day)
• Genjutsu Class (2 Day)
• Ninjutsu Class (3 Day)
• History of Summons (2 Day)
• Sword Play Class (2 Periods – 1-2 Days)
• Gun Play Class (2 Periods – 1-2 Days)
• Hand to Hand Combat Class (2 Periods – 1-2 Days)
• Staff Weapon Class (2 Periods - 1-2 Days)
• Care of Magical Creatures (2 Day)
• Choir Class (2 Day)
• Strings Class (2 Day)
• Jazz Band (2 Day)
• Band Class (2 Day)
• Machina Lessons (4 Day)
• Hacking 101 (3 Day)
• Computer Hardware (2 Day)
• Computer Networking (3 Day)
• Computer Web Design (2 Day)
• Computer Typing (1 Day)
• Basic Computers (1 Day)
• Advance Computers (2 Day)
• Library Aid (1 Day)
• Cooking Basics (2 Day)
• Advance Cooking (2 Day)
• Air Ship Technology (3 Day)
• Shop Class (3 Day)
• Welding Class (2 Day)
• Transportation History (1 Day)
• Transportation Studies (You work on models) (2 Day)
• Drama (?)
• Basic Art Class (3 Day)
• Advance Art Class (4 Day)
• History of Art (2 Day)
• Photography (3 Day)
• Digital Design (3 Day)
• Clay Arts (3 Day)
• Kido Classes (3 Day)
• Potions Classes (3 Day)
• Silicon Class- how to make a dildo (2 Day)
• Word Processing (2 Day)
• Massage Class (3 Day)
• Vet Health Class (2 Day)

Many classes pertaining to the learning of your Elemental magic and your fighting skills tend to be one class, though at different levels. Levels range from 1(Novice) to 5 (Master). Most first years tend to start for the beginning since while they may be proficient in their abilities, skipping to the next year can be very confusing.

Schedules should be set up in a Monday through Friday line up. Gym/PE and Sex Ed. can be taken either last period of the day or first period. Students will be set up where they take Gym one week and the Sexual Education the next.

Gym/Sex Ed. Should either be first period or seventh period. Depending on your grade level you (Check Q/A for this) you will have an amount of classes per day or periods. You should have a full weeks schedule with at least one thing a day. The 1 Day, 2 Day, or 3 Day by the classes tell you how many days a week you have to have that. Some can be at different times of the day.

All students should have an Elemental class (depending on how many elementals you have).

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed. 1. Gym/Sex Ed.
2. Advance Computers 2. Advance Calculus 2. Free Period 2. Advance Calculus 2. Advance Computers
3. World History 3. Free Period 3. World History 3. Free Period 3. World History
4. Advance Cooking 4. Physics 4. Advance Cooking 4. Physics 4. Library Aid
5. Elemental Wind 5. Elemental Light 5. Sword Fighting A 5. Elemental Light 5. Elemental Wind
6. Free Period 6. Summoning Class 6. Sword Fighting B 6. Summoning Class 6. Free Period
7. Free~

[ooc:: If you have ideas of other classes please be sure to post them here!]

*Little note would be that the contact info page will have your simplified list of classes, you should have a proper schedule outline somewhere on your LJ (preferably in your profile). You don't need to use a table or anything, but having it set up on a Mon-Fri schedule will help people know exactly when you're taking the classes, etc.

Please Add </textarea> to the end of the box


:: Clubs ::


Here at Dusk Academy many people like to promote the idea of the students being able to have outer house connections. Because of this they allow students to create clubs. To become a club just filled out the following:

Name of Club:
Club Leader:
Reason for Club:
Description of Club:

That is really all you need!

Here is a list of current clubs.

Name of Club: Akatsuki
Club Leader: Pein
Reason for Club: Research and Development.
Description of Club: Researching upon mythological creatures and current day legendary demons.

Name of Club: Organization 13
Club Leader: Xemnas
Reason for Club: Research and Development.
Description: This club's primary focus is that of the research of Hearts and Souls.


:: Room Assignments ::

Room Assignments:

Shiva: Fenrir: Bahamut: Phoenix:
Rush Eclipse Bite Impulse Breath of Earth
N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
Ice Lunar Cry Firaga Curaga
N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
Freeze Millennial Decay Mega Flare Life
N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
Blizzard Moon Song Giga Flare Rebirth
N.A. N.A. N.A. N.A.
Diamond Dust Terrestrial Rage Terra Flare Phoenix Flame

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